If you’d like to volunteer at LAVRA or the Velo Sports Center, send an email to volunteer@lavelodrome.org.

We have a great group of volunteers that run most of the races for LAVRA and for The Velo Sports Center, the Inner Circle. This group of dedicated volunteers does an awesome job putting on all the races from local races to the World Championships, including fun events like the World Cycling League’s “Six-day Racing American Style”. This will also be the group that helps at the Olympics in 2028.

The following positions are available.

Training will be provided, available positions are:

Runners – Collect race results and tape to wall for riders to see, give to announcers, officials, etc. Simple task.

Whip – Let riders in the infield know when it’s time to go to the start line. Simple task.

Gates – Operate and place bikes in the starting gate that holds riders at the start, two-person task. Easily learnable, training provided

Sponges – Place and replace “sponges” on the track. Sponges are placed in the corners of the track just below the race surface to ensure racers don’t take a “short cut”. Hitting a sponge slows the racer down and is the penalty for riding below the race surface. When sponges are hit, they need to be replaced at the end of the race.

Anti-doping chaperones – Notify racers that have been selected for testing and escort them to the anit-doping area.

Award Ceremony – Help with giving medals to the winners, select and raise flags during the award ceremony.

Inner Circle members are trained to perform all volunteer positions. Most members specialize in on job, but is always willing to fill in where needed. They commit to at least 10 volunteer sessions a year and are always called first and given first choice of sessions and jobs for all races. They work as a team to make sure all races have enough volunteers to run smoothly.

Inner Circle members also receive shirts for events and an Inner Circle shirt to wear at local races. They are provided snacks/lunch and drinks during their volunteer sessions.

Casual volunteers: If you’d like to volunteer, but not able to commit to 10 sessions a year, we still want to hear from you! Email volunteer@lavelodrome.org and let us know that we can call you if we fall short on volunteers.

Casual volunteers are asked to wear either the event t-shirt or a white collared shirt and blue jeans or tan pants.

When you volunteer, we will email you reminders (let us know if we should call you instead of emailing reminders) and let you know where to park. Typically, parking is in the normal velodrome parking lot, but during special events or if a big event is happening at StubHub, our volunteers may be asked to park in another parking lot.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please email us at volunteer@lavelodrome.org.

Thank you for making track cycling GREAT at the Velo Sports Center!