The Track Assistant

The idea for The Track Assistant was born out of frustration with the other track gear bags on the market. None of the track gear bags offered could hold all of the gears and tools that most track cyclists use. Taking the concept to a manufacturer in Huntington Beach California, together we developed the best track gear bag on the market: The Track Assistant. The Track Assistant will hold:

  • 8 chain rings and 6 sprockets
  • All the basic tools used by track cyclists
  • Spare chain ring bolts
  • Valve adapter
  • Torque tool with assorted attachments
  • Hard sides to protect your gears (14″x12″x2″) Fits in most laptop backpacks
  • Made in the USA

The case will hold up to 8 chain rings in 2 separate removable pouches. Each pouch holds 4 rings. Each ring is stored in a separate sleeve thus protecting them from possible damage. 6 sprockets can be stored in the separate and removable sprocket pouch. And again, each sprocket is stored in individual pockets protecting them from possible damage. There is a place for the most common tools used when changing gears or adjusting cones. There is a tin box that is large enough to hold the Ritchey mini torque tool and assorted attachments. This tool works great when changing handle bars because you won’t over torque the bolts. The box is also used to store spare chain ring bolts and your valve adapter.