Foundation for American Track Cycling

LAVRA has always been a staunch supporter of Junior racing, offering junior fields at nearly every event, even when participation might have not warranted it. Next year, however, we are ecstatic to be able to offer a separate Saturday series dedicated to Juniors. This was ONLY possible through the generous support of our next sponsor, the Foundation for American Track Cycling.

The Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness and support for track cycling in the United States. They focus on three core streams of activity comprising: 1) support of Elite track cyclists preparing for the Olympic Games and international competition; 2) grants to support Youth, Women, and Masters track development programs; and 3) grants towards velodrome upkeep and improvement projects.

2015 FATC grants have included a key donation that helped saved the fantastic NSC velodrome in Minnesota, as well as supporting several elite track cyclists, including our own Nate Koch and Missy Erickson. They also contributed to the upcoming Junior 6-day Development Program sending 5 local juniors to Berlin and Copenhagen. With their commitment to Junior racing, including this year’s LAVRA Junior Series, the Foundation understands that our sport will only survive if we create these opportunities for the next generation.

The Foundation for American Track Cycling is headed by our friend and recent Masters Worlds racer Bob Francis and his wife Gail Francis. Their passion for track cycling is especially amazing considering they live in Arizona, almost 400 miles to the nearest velodrome! Bob, Gail, and their AZ trackie crew make regular appearances here at VSC – please take a moment to thank them for their commitment to our sport, and consider a donation.

Foundation for American Track Cycling.