The Track Assistant

The idea for The Track Assistant was born out of frustration with the other track gear bags on the market. None of the track gear bags offered could hold all of the gears and tools that most track cyclists use. Taking the concept to a manufacturer in Huntington Beach California, together we developed the best track gear ... More


GQ-6 is a clean, safe and effective sports hydration system designed to optimize performance and to meet the hydration, pre-workout, endurance and recovery needs of all athletes. Hydration is important not only for normal body functions, but it improves power and recovery as well. And, there is scientific proof that the ... More


Our first sponsor profile is an important one. Gerry Agnew has been very involved in track cycling at VSC for about 5 years now and was instrumental in essentially saving LAVRA during a critical period a few years ago. His generous sponsorship, both personally and through his firm ( and, ... More

Velo Club La Grange

Velo Club La Grange is certainly one of the premier cycling clubs in California, boasting nearly 500 members including racers in virtually every cycling discipline, as well as recreational riders. Their annual Brentwood Grand Prix is one of the true highlights of the road racing season and has served as the State Champio... More


LAVRA has always been a staunch supporter of Junior racing, offering junior fields at nearly every event, even when participation might have not warranted it. Next year, however, we are ecstatic to be able to offer a separate Saturday series dedicated to Juniors. This was ONLY possible through the generous support of our ... More

FFWD Fast Forward

Our next sponsor will be very familiar to anyone who has ever been to the track. Every event we hold is certain to have FFWD wheels everywhere you look. Unlike most companies, they have a complete selection of track-specific wheels: 60mm, 90mm, 4-spoke, 5-spoke, and disc. Hand built in Holland, and locally supported by our ... More

South Bay Wheelman

One of the region’s oldest and largest clubs, South Bay Wheelmen have a strong history with track racing. Founder Ted Ernst raced six-day in Europe! And SBW continues that tradition by being amongst the strongest supporters of both VSC and LAVRA. They have been the headline sponsors for LAVRA’s extremely popular Time ... More